Sluts Want Sex Direct From Their Brothel Rooms!

If you want vaiety of girls, check out this cam girls working direct from rented rooms to strip naked and fuck themselves for your instant sexual relief!

Picking up prostitute on the street can be fun, but check out the pickup skills of this cabby as he drives around London seaching for girls to fuck!

A look at teen prostitution in the UK

A four part documentary that deals with teen prostitution in the UK ranging from girls that want to enter the sex trade, criminal gangs traffic women and Asian gangs grooming girls.

Guy tries to get a job in Hillgrove street London brothel

If you are a guy and want a job then take a look at this guy how he tries to find one. Unlike most lazy cunts this bloke actually is doing his best to make some money by going to brothel in Hillgrove street, London and asking for one.

London whorehouse

Tourist checks out the Soho sex scene and gets told to fuck off when spotted hanging outside a whorehouse door.

The life of a prostitute in London, turning tricks to fund a drug habit

A short film on the life of a London street prostitute that sells her body to fund her drug habit. Her drug dealer surprisingly tries to help her out but the working girls insists on continuing with er drug habit, see what happens next.

Being a Ho ain’t easy!

For those who think being a hooker is easy, take a look at this ho working her game in Soho, London. She works from day to night, not sure how much money she made

Street prostitution Shaftsbury Avenue, London tart cards in phone box

If you have ever wondered how prostitutes advertise their business, take a look at this video that shows phone box ads (tart cards) at Shaftsbury Avenue, London

A great documentary on Amor De Rey gang in New York – Drugs – Prostitution – Money

Check out this video to see how the Amor De Rey gang in New York engages in crime especially prostitution and how they make money from this. Ho’ing in New York!

High class prostitution in Spain

A look at how high class prostitution works in Spain and the people behind this upmarket trade. You will see madams promote girls and buyers negotiate with them to secure a “date” with models, strippers and even celebrities!

Street prostitution in Spain and the other areas of the trade

Meet the dark side and everything you did not know of this ancient profession in Spain, everything you’ve been afraid to ask what you answer this magnificent documentary, uncensored

Find out about street hookers in Spain, bordellos and how the sex trade works

A look at street prostitution in Germany aswell as the rest of the sex trade

Since the opening of the East reduced prices in brothels and on street prostitution. Benefit pimps, Free and the sex industry. The losers of development are the prostitutes: you have to offer for less money more and more. While being punished in Sweden and France Free and discussing throughout Europe over a possible ban of prostitution, opened in Austria, a large brothel after another.

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